Yolanda Corredor (The Plank Queen)


Hometown: Bergenfield, New Jersey
Age: 46
Occupation: Sales Key Account Executive
Member since: the beginning!


How would you describe The Fit Factory- what has your experience here been like?
I love it!  The Fit Factory keeps me on track with my fitness goals, while providing a fun and warm atmosphere.  I began the minute their doors opened and the workouts are always challenging – never boring….so it provides me with the push I need to keep me engaged and motivated.


What is your favorite thing about the gym?
If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say it’s their daily workout routine.  I walk in…I cry when I see the board…I watch the struggle on the faces of the class before me…I whine a little (ok…more than a little)…I shoot dirty looks at the instructor…and thennn I do it.  And when it’s all done, I’m surprised (and proud) that I survived.  The next day, I come back to do it all over again.  It’s great!


What is your favorite exercise? Least?
Favorite – arms
Least – running, burpies, V-ups, that dead-leg slider thing, ropes…need I say more?


What programs do you take and describe how they are
I take the classes…most of the time, the 6:30pm class.
It’s really a good time.  You get to know the other members and it’s our little community.


What advice would you give people just getting started with us?
You are stronger than you think you are!


Because we’re a family!!!  Why not get yourself in better shape, improve your quality of life, do something for you…while surrounded by people who will make you laugh, people who will suffer right next to you, people who care?

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