Philip Miller

Hometown: Bergenfield
Age: 47
Occupation: Director of Residential Services
Member since: 2016


How would you describe The Fit Factory- what has your experience here been like?
The Fit Factory is a safe place for the inexperienced individual who is intimidated to workout in big gyms, in addition to learning the basics fundamentals of working out. The trainers are well versed in many different levels of fitness.

What is your favorite thing about the gym?
The people are by far my favorite!

What is your favorite exercise? Least?
Deadlifts & Back Squats are my favorite.
The least would be burpees- I hate whoever invented them.

What programs do you take and describe how they are
The Bootcamp Class is what I take- it is intense but fun.

What advice would you give people just getting started with us?
Give yourself 60 days to adjust to the class and different techniques of each trainer.

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