Erika Knight

Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
Age: 27
Occupation: Finance Coordinator
Member since: the beginning
How would you describe The Fit Factory- what has your experience here been like?
The Fit Factory is a place where you’re guaranteed to do and be your best even when you feel less than adequate. The trainers here give you everything you need to reach your goals each step of the way.
What is your favorite thing about the gym?
My favorite thing about the gym is the comradery. Not only do the trainers push you to greatness but your sweaty bootcamp classmates are along side of you pushing you too!
What is your favorite exercise? Least?
My favorite exercise are squats (anything for the booty). My least favorite are push-ups.
What programs do you take and describe how they are.
The programs I’ve taken are Bootcamp, Trap Aerobics and Dance fitness
I love how they all add variety to staying active yet are still fun and INTENSE!
What advice would you give people just getting started with us?
For anyone just getting started . . . the beginning is rough but be patient with yourself, be consistent and don’t give up. You’ll learn that you’re capable of way more than you ever gave yourself credit for.
The trainers care about you. They modify exercises accordingly and never let you do anything they know you’re not ready to handle.
Anything else you would like to add?
Being a part of the Fit Factory have been some of the most challenging days of my life but have been worth every drip of sweat.
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