Emmelie Rodriguez

Hometown: Paterson, NJ
Age: 24
Occupation: Data Analyst at Montclair State University
Member since: September 2017


How would you describe The Fit Factory- what has your experience here been like?
My experience at the Fit Factory has been very positive from Day 1. I have seen a huge return on my investment with only 4 months in. Since I’ve stared, I’m down 10lbs and I am much leaner yet stronger now. On my journey, I have made many great friends and have enjoyed the good vibes from the Fit Factory.


What is your favorite thing about the gym?
My favorite aspect of the Fit Factory is that there are no judgement. The instructors there are highly-trained to make you break a sweat, but also are knowledgeable on what would get you the results you desire through exercise and diet. Another favorite aspect of mine is walking in and feeling at home.


What is your favorite exercise? Least?
-Favorite exercise is Ball Slams!
-Least favorite are Burpees, however I am slowly beginning to enjoy them. (Unless it’s 150 of them lol).


What programs do you take and describe how they are

Throughout the week, I attend the evening boot camp class. What you can generally expect are a variety of different warm-ups which then lead to exercises focusing on specific muscles or full body circuits that involves rotating from different stations completing intense exercises for a short burst of time. Workouts are intensified with good music and all workouts are an hour long! They are intense classes but never enough that you can’t handle it. The instructors are there to guide and motivate you every step of the way. The classes do push you to limits you never thought your body could reach. However, when you do reach them, it is a great feeling!

I also try to participate in the Ab class every Saturday morning at 9:30am.


What advice would you give people just getting started with us?
Pace yourself! Take your time to understand the movements before doing too much or worse injuring yourself. With 2 weeks of working out with the Fit Fam, your body will begin to get used the movements.


WHY NOT! Everything you are looking for is right at the Fit Factory!


Anything else you would like to add?
Very grateful to have found a gym that I feel at home! Thanks team!!
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